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The official logo of the UKSAF.

"Grouping together this nations best special forces operators under the UKSAF"

- Commander Oxide

The United Kingdom Special Airsoft Forces (UKSAF) is the parent organisation of all the British special airsoft forces and has the capability to provide a Joint Special Operations Task Force Headquarters. UKSAF is commanded by the Director of Special Forces (DSF).


UKSAF was formed in 2010 to draw together the Airsoft Task Force's 3rd Strike Regiment (3 SR) and the 19th "Strike Force" Regiment (19 SFR), into a unified command, based around the former Director A.T.F who was given the additional title of Director Special Forces. The directorate has been expanded by the creation of the Airsoft Task Force Command (A.T.F.C), the Elite Airsoft Commandos (E.A.C) and the Special Arctic Airsoft Force (SAAF).

Roles and tasksEdit

UKSAF assets undertake a number of roles, with a degree of interaction and interoperability:

Special Forces units

Airsoft Task ForceEdit

Airsoft Task Force CommandEdit