Elite Airsoft Commandos logo

The official logo of the E.A.C.

"You will do everything to complete the mission without recogniton because you do not exist."

-The E.A.C motto.

The Elite Airsoft Commandos or E.A.C are the most classified and secretive airsoft force in the world with its operators unknown. No one knows of what operations the E.A.C conduct, all that is known is that they take part in the A.T.F's Operation: Renegade and any other missions the A.T.F call them on, however the E.A.C are not a quick reaction but because of their elite soldiers can perform any role given to them including search & destroy , sabotage and assassinations to name a few. The E.A.C operate under the A.T.F.C like the other three A.T.F forces. It recruits it's members from existing A.T.F members or from the UKSAF.


While most of the E.A.C remains secret the A.T.F.C knows who they recruit and from what background. The E.A.C recruit from only existing A.T.F members with previous spec ops experience, and are comprised completely of british white men from the age of 15 upwards to around 40 with peak fitness ability and strong military knowledge, as well as good C and above GCSE grades.

Requirements for enrollmentEdit

  • 4 GCSEs at grades C and above.
  • To have gone to and completed Sixth form or to have stayed on to higher education.
  • To have attended A.T.F cadets as well as either: Army cadets, Air cadets, Sea cadets or Marine cadets.
  • To have achieved rank of Sergeant in any cadet force.
  • To have previous airsoft and paintball experiences.
  • To have a basic military knowledge and understanding.
  • To have previous spec ops and black ops experience.
  • To have bought serficiant airsoft kit and a primary with 350fps+ power and a sidearm exceeding 200fps.
  • To be reasonable fit enough to complete training and real E.A.C operations.