Airsoft Warfighters logo

The official logo of the Airsoft Warfighters.

"Close Quarters Warfighter"

-The Airsoft Warfighters' motto.

The Airsoft Warfighters or AW are the Close Quarters CQB specialists, they have an arsenal od SMGs, PDWs, Shotguns, Machine pistols and pistols to specialize in CQB, many AWs are trained to duel weild weapons, breach room, use pyrotechnics and brute force for intense CQ battles. AWs specialise in meele weapons as well as CQC weapons such as throwing knife, combat knife, bayonet and concealed weaponry. The A.T.F control the missions of the AW and the A.T.F.C breifs and follows the operations as with the other four A.T.F factions.


The AW recruit from any area of military as long as the recruit has had previous airsoft or paintball experience which makes the AW a good way of entry into the A.T.F however training is brutal as you must perform takedowns on friendlies to improve CQC skills.


Instead of performing operations the AW complete small assignments in close quarters given by the A.T.F.C. All assignments are classified top secret by the A.T.F.C.