Airsoft Task Force Command logo 1

The official logo of the A.T.F.C.

"Cymru rydym yn eu gwasanaethu!"

-The A.T.F.C motto that all A.T.F forces know.

The Airsoft Task Force Command abbreiviated A.T.F.C are the central command for all A.T.F forces each give the A.T.F.C a different callsign for them to tell who is in contact with them. The 3 SR callsign for the A.T.F.C is "CentCom" for Central Command, the 19 SFR callsign fo thr A.T.F.C is "Charlie 1" Charlie being phonetic for "C" being used for Command and the "1" indicating it is number 1 in command, the E.A.C callsign for the A.T.F.C is "Overwatch" showing that the A.T.F.C is in watching and helping their mission progress, the SAAF callsign for the A.T.F.C is "Command" used simply and the Airsoft Warfighters callsign for the A.T.F.C is "Kingbird" for the "bird" seeing over the mssion and helping it progress and king for the A.T.F.C's heirachy.

List of A.T.F factionsEdit

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