Airsoft Spetsnaz logo

The official logo of the Airsoft Spetsnaz.

"Для матери России!!"

-The motto of all Airsoft Spetsnaz forces.

The Airsoft Spetsnaz is the special forces divison of the Russian Federation Airsoft Special Forces (RFASF) under command of the Airsoft Spetsnaz Command (A.S.C). The AS are communist fighters sent to invade Britain in 2010, they have control of all of the UK except South Wales by 2012, A.T.F and coalition forces attempt to push Russian Federation forces out South Wales and Cardiff were the coalition make their last stand. The operations of the AS are unknown to A.T.F forces except to the E.A.C's spys who themselves are highly classified. The AS motto is Для матери России!! (For mother Russia!!).


The AS are composed of two divisions the 130 S and the 24 ARSO both under command of the AS. Spetsnaz forces are trained to be brutal and violent, having no compassion for civilians often enslaving them or publicly shooting them. Training for AS is as tough as the Strike Force's training.

List of Known MembersEdit

(E.A.C collected intel)

List of known OperationsEdit

(E.A.C collected intel)