"Ffrynt Cartref Defense Heddlu"

-The 3 SR motto.
3rd Strike Regiment logo

The official logo of the 3 SR.

The ATF 3rd SR more commonly known as the "3 SR" they are the most elite devison of the A.T.F and most beleive it to be it's main component. At the moment the 3 SR have only 2 squadros, the elite 'Spectre Squad' with 4 members codenamed: Oxide, Blackhawk, X-Ray and Saber, the other squadron 'Reaper Squad' also have 4 members: Hawk, Ozone, Onyx and Section, but are on an active recruitment search for anyone good enough to join. The A.T.F 3 SR motto is Ffrynt Cartref Defense Heddlu (Home Front Defense Force)


To be enrolled into the 3 SR you have to first attend A.T.F cadets based in Groeswen, South Wales and pass 'initial training' this is commonly known as phase 1 of enrollment. Phase 2 is applying for A.T.F membership to do this you are given a special type of CV by the A.T.F Corps for completing A.T.F Cadets initial training, on this CV you must fill in your details and achievements as well as which division of th A.T.F you want to join (3 SR , Strike Force , SAAF , Airsoft Warfighters ) for getting into the 3 SR it requires more fields to be filled in on the CV such as blood group, and recent spec ops missions (if any). After filling in the CV and sending it off to A.T.F Command then phase 3 begins 'selection' after enough CVs have been collected in it is then up to A.T.F.C to select which are right for the job, if you are selected you are immediately put in to phase 4 however if not you have to prove you are A.T.F material by completing an assault course in a set amount of time. Once completing selection then phase 4 'enrollment' begins you have to do fitness challenges and airsoft gun training to pass and if you do, then you have completed enrollment and are given your A.T.F 3 SR patches and tags.


Operation: Renegade 2010-Present